CBDetox – Cannabidiol detox

CBDetox – Cannabidiol detox 2


Have you ever tried to do a detox?

You have probably heard people talking about it, and detoxing has without doubt become a popular topic of discussion these days. First of all, it is one of the single most effective ways to boost your health, second of all – it’s so easy!

If you have never heard about detoxing, here is a brief explanation.

Your body is a complex detoxing machine by nature. Our respiratory system expels toxins, and waste products through the air we breathe out (maybe you have experienced the breath of someone who recently ate garlic?), your liver filters the blood to remove unwanted substances, and eliminates them through your intestines, and eventually down the toilet. Even your skin perspires, and helps to get rid of heavy metals and other nasty things that your body just do not need to function. When you move your body, your lymphatic fluids gets moving and flushes out toxins, and at the same time – you sweat.

How often do you sweat? How much do you move during the day?

So without any effort at all, your body is detoxing 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days every single year of your life. And with very little effort, you can help your body detox more.
The problem is, that the modern diet that most of us eat, contain so many different chemicals, most of them highly unnatural and synthetic ones.The reason detoxing has become so popular these days, is because of the fact that most of us on a daily basis ingest far more bad stuff, than our body can get rid of naturally. There is no reason to get worried, the solution is very simple:
“Your body is pretty amazing. All you have to do, to be healthy, is to stop eating stuff that needs to be detoxed afterwards.”
There is a lot of scientific debate about the concept of detoxing. As with all science, some say ”It works!” and some say ”It doesn’t work!”. There is no reason to spend any time addressing the mechanism of scientific debate. Nor is there ever a reason to argue if detoxing works, with a person who has never tried it. I simply say: ”Try a detox schedule/diet/program for a few weeks, and then tell me it does not work.”
It works. And it is powerful stuff.
However – if you have a reason to detox, the reason is found in your lifestyle. If you do not change your lifestyle, and continue to eat the things you ate before, and continue your usual lifestyle – you will just start to load up on toxins again. Let a detoxing program be the catalyst for your new healthy lifestyle.
There are many, many different ways to detox. I will give a brief introduction to some of the ways I have tried and liked. Entire books have been written on each single method, so this article is to be seen as an introduction to the subject, and to inspire you to find your way. Always educate yourself on the subject of health, and take your time to prepare your first detox.

Detox Protocol #1: The Juice Fast

The Juice Fast is pretty popular, and it has its reasons. You can go for extended periods of time, consuming only freshly pressed vegetable juice. I have tried a 14 day juice fast, and I had plenty of energy to both work and work out. The trick is to get enough juice. If you feel tired and irritable, it can both be because you don’t drink enough juice, but it can also be symptoms of the toxins leaving your body. Don’t worry. Push through.
Juice fasting is effective, and It is easy. The important thing is to use vegetables, rather than fruit. Dark green, leafy vegetables should be the main ingredient, and starchy vegetables, such as carrots are great, but they contain more sugars so don’t use to many of them. Same thing goes with fruit, use an apple or an orange for flavor, but don’t use too much fruit. A common recommendation is 80 % vegetables and 20 % fruit.
Start with a simple one day juice fast, and work your way up. It is important to listen to your body, and to go slow. Rest a lot during the detox. The more you rest, the more energy your body has to remove toxins.
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHEN FASTING is to eat the right things when you start eating again. Take your time and read up on the subject if you choose a detox program built around fasting. Think of it this way; when fasting your digestion is “asleep”, even during a juice fast, your digestion does not have to work very hard, because the nutrients you ingest are in liquid form. When you end a fast or juice fast, start with some steamed vegetables, a few oranges or something that is easy to digest.

Detox Protocol #2: The Fruit & Veggie Frenzy

This is maybe one of the easiest ways to detox. You can eat real food, so you don’t have to starve. If you get hungry, eat something. The only important thing is that you only eat organic fruits and vegetables. The more vegetables you eat compared to fruit, the more effective the detox will be.
Some people eat like this all their life. So you can detox this way for a few weeks without problems. You will feel great. This method is also called things like The Raw Food Diet, 80/10/10 and probably other fancy names too.
I often have a day or two where I just eat fruit and vegetables. If you have a sweet tooth, and you want to kick the bad habit of eating sugar every day – eat fruit. It will make you forget candy and such.
Important: Eat enough vegetables and fruit. This is not a calorie restriction diet, so go ahead and enjoy. By eating more, you’re only bombing your body with vitamins and minerals.

Detox Protocol #3: The Elimination Program

Fasting can be challenging, I know I had my troubles the first times I tried it. If you feel you want to start out slower, then try something as simple as eliminating one or more things from your diet. Fasting requires self-control. Quitting a habit also does.
The first thing I did to “start my new life”, was to eliminate junk food, sodas and candy. But I only stopped eating it from Monday to Friday. I knew I was addicted to unhealthy foods, so I gave my self-permission to eat whatever I wanted in the weekends. And I still lost 10 pounds the first month. Eventually I lost the interest in junk food and such, so the elimination program, can without doubt be a powerful way, to enter a new era of your life.
The damage sugar does to the body is extremely underrated, so by just eliminating sugar from your diet, you will lose weight and experience energy levels you could not have imagined.
Take it easy. Health is about being good to yourself, so maybe an elimination process is the perfect way for you to start your journey towards a better life.
If you really want to build a strong will power, and train your discipline, I suggest that you pick one or more food items that you know aren’t good for you, and then abstain from them 100 % for 40 days. When you do succeed, you will feel great. Both physically and mentally, you will prove to yourself, that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Detox Protocol #4: The Water Fast

I usually recommend water fast to all and everybody I meet. If you have 24 hour water fast 1 day a week, and if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise routine – you really don’t need to do anything else.
Water fasting will get your blood sugar levels in balance, boost your energy levels, and help you gain control over your diet. Water fasting also raise your body’s natural production of growth hormone, which will help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Water fasting will lower your inflammation levels, soften your skin, burn fat, and it is probably one of the most powerful ways to detox. Try it.
Water fasting taught me to differentiate between real hunger and “habit-hunger”. Most of the times you THINK you are hungry, your body is actually just experiencing withdrawal symptoms from either sugar, additives, taste enhancers or other synthetic chemicals.
Here is how easy it is to do:

  1. Pick a day when you want to do the water fast.
  2. The night before, at dinner, have a slightly bigger portion that you would usually have. The meal should be healthy, of course. A few hours after dinner, when the meal has been digested your fast has already begun, and the clock is ticking.
  3. The following evening you can have dinner again. Let it be light and easy digestable. (Steamed vegetables and qinoa is a personal favorite of mine.)
    4. Congratulations! Your first one-day-water-fast is done!The key is to go at least 20 hours without eating. The only thing you are allowed to ingest, is water. Preferably 3-4 liters. You can do this however you want, but I find that if I have breakfast, I tend to be hungry during the day. When I don’t have breakfast, I don’t “wake up” the digestion, and then I find fasting pretty easy. You can do it, so push through.I am a big fan of water fasting, so I highly recommend further studying on this subject.

Detox Protocol #5: The CBDetox

Detoxing is an important part of modern life. Even if we eat 100 % organic, there is still so many synthetic chemicals all around us, that we can’t really do anything about. You can investigate this for yourself:
Big Business is not required by law to do long term studies of what happens when you are exposed to various chemicals. Usually a 3 month test is enough. Big Business is also not required to prove that nothing happens when you MIX all these thousands of synthetic chemicals.
The result: Chemicals! Chemicals everywhere!
So stop waiting for the chemicals to go away, and start detoxing to make them go away. And support the organic movement. Every time you buy organic food, skin care, cleaning products etc., you are telling market analysts that you are sick and tired of this toxic mayhem. The market analysts will then tell Big Business that the future is organic, and Big Business will start investing in organic sustainable farming. So “Go organic!”
I have talked about inflammation in previous article Read it here, and the reason for this is that an understanding of inflammation is key to good health. When your body experiences abnormal levels of inflammation, your body has to work “overtime” to reduce the inflammation. Your body instantly recognizes inflammation as a problem, so it will prioritize lowering inflammation over removing a synthetic chemical; it has no biological understanding of. Only when inflammation levels are low, your body has resources for elimination of various toxins and synthetic chemicals.
In other words; the lower your inflammation levels are – the more energy your body has to eliminate waste products.
CBD is one of the most anti-inflammatory agents known to man. This means that CBD oil alone can help your body to have more energy for eliminating waste products. This also means that adding CBD oil as a daily supplement, you will help your body lower its inflammation, and therefore any detoxing protocol you choose will be more powerful when combined with CBD oil.

CannabidiolCannabidiol has been listed in EU Cosmetics Ingredient Database [6]with four functional claims: – ANTIOXIDANT – ANTISEBORRHOEIC – SKIN CONDITIONING – SKIN PROTECTING

I won’t recommend one particular detox program over another. I will always recommend that you spend some time experimenting, and find what works best for you. Personally I prefer water fasting, but that does not make it the better choice. What do you prefer?
I have been taking CBD oil for a short time only, and I have to be honest, my CRP values was zero before I even started (your doctor can measure this as a way to check your inflammation levels), because I have been lowering my inflammation through diet and water fasting. I have been experimenting with diet and detox for years, but if I had to start over I would do CBD oil as a part of my “being-healthy-routine” to speed up the process. That’s also why I still use CBD oil, because it has many other health promoting benefits.
Another interesting thing I have experienced is that CBD oil have a very positive influence on my meditation. Meditation is another great tool to add to your personal health routine, which is why the next article will be about meditation. If you are new to meditation, you might have trouble “making it happen”, stay tuned for a beginner-to-guru guide into meditation.
Have a happy CBDetox!

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